A voice that sits between Roy Orbison and Dolly Parton.

~Jeff Liberty reviews Only Half Blue on CBC Information Morning-Saint John, NB.

Only Half Blue is the Sunday morning album that you never knew you needed.

~Caitlunn Dutt, East Mag

Cassie Josephine's voice verges on old-timey, with a little twang and a lovely high warble, all the better for these gentle, contemplative songs.

-Bob Mersereau

Cassie’s narratives and exceptional storytelling, and her voice will melt even the coldest of hearts as she considers her first 40 years and looks forward to whatever life is going to throw at her in the next 40.

~Rocking Magpie

What people are saying about flower country

“...a Country album that straddles every permutation that title suggests with ease, from Swing through Country Rock to Alt. and will please fans of Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Lambchop and Sturgill Simpson equally well.”

The Rocking Magpie, The Rocking Magpie (Dec 13, 2016)


“Nova Scotia alt-roots duo Cassie Josephine & Gabriel Minnikin have the harmony well in hand on their debut release Flower Country”

Stephen Cooke, Local Xpress (Dec 10, 2016)


"Gabriel Minnikin and Cassie Josephine make for a seamless duo on 'Flower Country'."

Eleni Armenakis, Grayowl Point (Nov 29, 2016)


"Pristine harmonies and gentle twang aplenty on this happy alt-country collaboration."

bandcamp.com (Oct 14, 2016)